About the Naturist Foundation

Our facilities

Here at Brocken Hurst we offer the largest and best equipped facilities for naturism in Britain including a newly refurbished swimming pool, extensive games courts, unspoiled woodland, children's play area and a pavilion with cafeteria and bar.

An area full of interest

The grounds of Brocken Hurst lie within the south-eastern Greater London boundary, are equal in size to London's famous Green park and are adjacent to the M25 and M20 and extremely convenient for visitors wishing to visit the myriad attractions of London or to have quick access to London's airports, or the the Channel ports for day trips.

There are several naturist beaches within reach, also the historic city of Canterbury, the Roman Villa at Lullingstone, Chislehurst caves, Winston Churchill's home at Chartwell and many other National trust site such as Penshurst Place and the lovely gardens at Sissinghurst with their literary associations.

For those that love shopping, Bluewater, the UK's largest shopping centre is only a short drive away, with cinemas, restaurants and an abundance of shops to browse in.

For more about the area please visit www.kenttourism.co.uk

The Cabin Fellowship

Since 1993, Trevor and Elizabeth have been holding services during the summer season, in what is fondly known as the Campers’ Cabin, hence the name given to the band of worshippers who come from a wide range of denominational backgrounds. The meetings are friendly and informal and open to people of any denomination or of none.

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Special needs

We take pleasure in the fact that all our facilities have been designed with special needs in mind with easy access to the pool and toilets for instance. If you have any questions in this area please do contact us.

Background and work

The Naturist Foundation was registered as a recreational charity in 1976. It is the only naturist organization to be so recognised.

The Foundation is the successor to the North Kent Sun Club which was founded near Dartford in 1948. Although the club had always operated on charitable lines, a club cannot be registered as a charity. A trust deed was therefore drafted and approved by the responsible government departments which then helped draft the constitutions of the Sun Societies as branches of the charity.

Charity registration secured the continuity of our activities for all time. We moved to Brocken Hurst in the winter of 1958/59, the basic facilities having been installed by the building contractors who bought the original site. The majority of all the other facilities and services from which we benefit today have been created by the voluntary efforts of our contributors, which is still vitally important to our progress.

As a charity, The Naturist Foundation does not itself have ‘members'. Those who register for the all-the-year-round enjoyment of our facilities are contributors to the cost of maintenance and improvement of our facilities. Neither the Foundation nor its Sun Societies are able to become members of any other organisation other than those that are charities with objects falling within those of our own Trust Deed. Among such bodies are the Kent & South Eastern Regional Association of Sun Clubs (KSERA) and similar societies.

As part of our relationship with the community at large, we have been members of the Kent County Playing Fields Association for over 40 years. We also subscribe to the Amateur Swimming Association, The Royal Life Saving Society and other bodies. We liaise with government departments on matters affecting naturism and related activities, thereby successfully influencing policy and the shape of legislation.

Over the years we have achieved a pre-eminent position in the naturist movement in Britain and internationally. Many of our officers have held leading positions in national and international naturist organisations and been at the leading edge of the expansion of naturism. This includes the establishment of naturist beaches and the formation of the Central Council for British Naturism (CCBN) and the International Naturist Federation (INF)